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Making Places

Change in our world is inevitable. Students from Year 1 from Griffin Primary School worked with
artist Amy Pennington to take the time to reflect what is important to us amidst all these changes.
Inspired by model villages, town planning and artists such as Nigel Peak, the students have created
their own world – with work ranging from building imaginative micro-shelters in Battersea Park,
making origami houses and drawing significant buildings in their community.

In Battersea Park, the students huddled under a large tree for shelter to discuss nature, shelter
and our homes. Taking inspiration from the resources around us, the class split into groups to
build inventive micro-dens, complete with micro-people. At the park visit, the students collected
drawing of the patterns and marks that can be seen in nature. These marks and patterns were
painted onto stones that can be found in this room, bringing together a mix of urban and natural
aesthetic, and used as patterns for their origami houses.

Inspired by the artist Nigel Peak, the students created continuous line drawings of maps which
collected together places and buildings important to them, and on the reverse patterns from
nature. These drawings were transformed into origami houses, houses that combined the natural
and man-made, both imaginary and personal stories, as the group began to discuss the
communities we live in.

Each student selected the building that they felt was most important them, and created a large
scale drawing of it. Looking collectively at all their important places gives a vibrant sense of place
and community, from McDonalds to mosques. The display also features a soundscape of snippets
of conversations that the students had as they took on role as town planners. We listen as the
student explore how buildings and structures become communities and homes.

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