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Sunday Socials

For 5 weeks I devised and delivered Sunday Socials for Pump House gallery. Each Sunday would be spent at the gallery with a workshop that was open to the public. We looked into the origin of film and animation with one workshop that focused on flip books, zoetropes, thaumatropes. Looking at Victorian optical illusions and how drawings can be transformed into moving image. In another Workshop we looked at how narratives can be created through the recycling of second hand and found materials using old photographic slides, projectors, 8MM footage and drawings. In week 3 we looked at Artists Books and zines and created 3 hole stitch book along with a one page folded zine and a accordion style book. ‘Pick A Card’ saw 50 tasks being created onto cards that enabled anyone to perform a task 5 second drawing challenges, collecting found objects, to preforming in the street. The final event in this series was for ‘The Big Draw’ where we invited the public to become Marine biologists and asked them to step into our lab. Armed with petri-dishes and jars of lake water we experimented with patterns, mark making, projections and scale to transform tiny details into ginormous drawings.


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